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Please read and accept our Privacy Policy. I'll take for an acceptation that you continue your way through this website. But by the here-above declaration, I won't even be aware that you agree or not.

What about you?

No ground address, no organization. Gunkan is made with love by individuals on their spare time.

What about you joining the movement for a simpler object storage solution? We ask nothing else but you, your experience (even the lightest) and all the joy you might spark. Just contact on person here-below, he/she will follow-up.

Who is behind Gunkan?

Jean-Francois Smigielski

Software Engineer involved in backend storage architectures, with a strong orientation toward simplicity and minimalism.

Known to be Demiurge@Hegemonie, CTO@OpenIO, BDFL@Gunkan!, etc.

Get in touch: e-mail - GitHub - Twitter - LinkedIn - About.Me

What does Gunkan mean? Why the name Gunkan?

A Reference To The Gunkan Maki

That lovely maki is just a spoonful of salmon roe packed with a thin nori (seaweed) sheet on a thin bed of seasoned sticky rice. The perfect allegory for a cluster of share-nothing services, working together thanks to a thin agregation layer.

The name Gunkan litteraly translate to "battleship". I like that, despite this was not the original intention. Feel free to deduce what you want about this.

Gunkan Maki is an allegory of the object storage


The current website is generated by a homemade Python script using Mako Templates. No need for something complicated here, other tools like Jekyll or Sphinx are overengineered regarding hte actual need.